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(nexus tax dropshipping from australia)


This means that if you live outside of the USA in another country (such as Australia, UK, India, Canada etc) then it is very unlikely that you have nexus in any USA state. That means you are not obligated/required to collect and pay sales tax on any orders made by USA customers.Feb 7, 2018

What Tax Do I Need to Pay when Dropshipping with Aliexpress …

Australia dropshippers * $1000 more items sold australia are subject to 10% GST held by customs (this may not apply if dropshipping please confirm with local tax office and/or seek legal tax advice) as Aliexpress supplier sent item? 

*No GST if item from china to world (outside of australia)?

This is not Legal advice

What to do next ?

Set Up in PayPal under 

My Profile/Selling Tools/Tax 

NOTE: Set Up Domestic GST Rates & Set Up International GST Rates

SET ALL STATES IN AUSTRALIA or the COUNTRIES, that apply to you.

If you need to claim TAX on sales of goods in your country follow above steps on paypal. 

(To add tax on products sold)

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